How It Works

CheckInOn.Me is a proactive automated personal safety system. We check on you as often as you want, whenever you want. You can create your own schedules and "profiles." When we check on you, we're waiting for your "I'm OK" code word to make sure it's really you and you're OK. If we don't get the right response in the right amount of time, we trigger our emergency process.

Our system can't be disengaged. Even if your phone were out of your possession, nobody could stop our system from trying to get you help unless they know you're "I'm OK" code word. If you are under duress, you can give someone the "I'm Not OK" code word, which silently triggers the emergency process.

How Is CheckInOn.Me Different From Other Safety Systems And Apps?

From LifeAlert to phone apps, most safety systems are panic buttons. You won't get help until you can unlock your phone, find the app, launch it, and hit a panic button. During a health emergency or unsafe situation, if you have your phone and you're conscious, we suggest calling 911.

Child safety and family locator apps will tell you where your child's phone is, but they do not tell you if the phone is still with the child or if the child needs help. And what's actively checking on your kids as they walk to and from school?

CheckInOn.Me solves personal safety by having two key elements.

With Our Developer Platform, CheckInOn.Me Is Completely Customizable

Do you need a safety solution for iPhones? Android? Blackberries? Non-smartphones? Tablets? Other mobile devices? Do you want emergency notifications to go to your users' friends? Family? Co-workers? A call center? You?

We have you covered.

Our Developer Platform allows programmers to build some or all of our features and approach into your website, apps, or systems. Our Private Label program allows us to build you customized versions of our mobile apps. Need some ideas on what kind of custom solution would work best for you? Contact us. Consultations are free. Our CEO has a background in UX, and would happily brainstorm ideas for adding our approach to safety to your system or a stand-alone safety product.